Whats New !!!

Change Log Talk Apple website http://talkapple.in

The web version has the ability to publish more than one image per post.
Added “Market” function for web version
Improved design of the “Gifts” section (Website)
New dialogue of choice and sending gifts (Website)
Added the ability to send stickers from chat (Website)
Improved security for uploading files to the server
Pop-up dialogs for choosing emoticons in the web version (in the section: comments, new post and chat)
Added “Market” function for web version
Other interface improvements for the web version, for example: top menu bar, new comment style and more
Minor changes and fixes in applications
Optimized and changed server side logic.
Progressbars for uploading pictures to the server.
Photos and videos are now in one place – gallery
Changed design and navigation for the server side
Support for the latest SDKs
Migration to AndroidX (Android app)
New post editor.
Added the ability to publish several pictures in the post.
Checking all file uploads.
Other minor changes.
Fixed errors.

Some thing Missing or not working

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