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  • Bookings open for Feather plants grafted on M9 & M111
    Available Varieties
    Gala Group
    Dark Baron Gala(M9)
    Devil Gala(M9)
    Red Delicious Group
    Red velox(M9)
    Mema Mestar(M9)
    King Roat(M9)
    Scarlet spur(M111)
    Plant garde 7+ extra feathers
    Cost will be *INR 700-/ per plant*
    Delivery in last week of February 2021
    Rootstock also available (8-10mm thickness)
    Contact 9882304409
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    Lets Grow Apple
    12months ago


    Dr kishori lal
    10months ago

    Cost of rootstock m7jQuery33103758572867176835_1604854477964

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